On The Edge

The Kiss © Knut Skjærven.

Welcome to the Edge. The Edge is a sub-theme of New Street Agenda.

The Edge was initiated in 2013 and ran as a separate initiative for some years. Now we are integrating it with New Street Agenda. Since the two have so many overlapping interests.

You have already seen several interviews reposted to New Street Agenda. That will continue and there will be new interviews coming.

The Edge is about street photography shot on European ground. The reason for this limitation is very simple: We want to focus on Europeans street photography. Historically European street photography is very important. It is mostly about people and have an overall humanistic and documentary approach to things.

We want to keep that tradition alive.

Stay tuned to The Edge on New Street Agenda. This is the page you need to bookmark. 

The Henri has agreed to be the main curator for The Edge. A gesture you all should look forward to.

Hope to see you around.

Have a good day. Wherever you are :-).

Best regards

The Edge Back Office
Copenhagen, November 10, 2017

On the Edge: The Interviews New Series (2017)

On the Edge: Federico Gentili;
On the Edge: Frieder Zimmermann;  
On the Edge: Knut Skjærven; ( November 13, 2017)

On The Edge: The Interviews Old Series (2013/2014)

On the Edge: Elisabeth Maurice; On the Edge: Bernard Jolivalt; On the Edge: Tony Cearns; On the Edge: Enzo Cositore; On the Edge: Marie Mancuso; On the Edge: Yves Vernin; On the Edge: Linda Wisdom; On the Edge: Levy Shand;

On the Edge; Fatima Salcedo; On the Edge: Hugo Kintzler; On the Edge: Gardner Hamilton; On the Edge: Ralf J. Diemb; On the Edge: Mario Steigerwald; On the Edge: Robert Lemm; On the Edge: Mario Janiszewski;

On the Edge: Vasco Leao; On The Edge: Maria Joao Arcanjo; On the Edge: Roland Willaert; On the Edge: Luigi Casentini;