The Academy 2016

The Summit 2013 © Knut Skjærven

From The Street Meet 2013 © Knut Skjærven.

New Street Agenda: The Academy 2016 will start in October 2016 and run for 6 months. The working area will be a Facebook Group. Go there to read what to do if you want to join New Street Agenda: The Academy 2016.


For those who want to train some of the principles for street photography, or photography in general, that are suggested in New Street Agenda, there are several options.

Annual Street Meet:

Since 2008 an annual Street Meets have been arranged.

Mostly held in Berlin since the German capital is easy to reach from all over Europe. Compared to many other major European capitals the cost level is very good. Everything comes, roughly, at half prize. The last Street Meet, though, was held in Copenhagen with 20 participants.

Normally, the Streets Meets have been free. From 2016 there will be a small fee to cover the costs of setting them up, arranging things and going there.

The Street Meet 2016 will be arranged in Berlin in September.  Limited access.

New Street Agenda: The Workshop:

The Workshop: New Street Agenda has been held three times. All three times in Berlin. The last workshop was held in September 2015.

Anyone can, in fact, arrange The Workshop locally. If you can gather from 4 to 8 participants, I will come and conduct The Workshop at your place.

Both types of workshops come at a price.

E-Learning Programs:

For those who don’t want to travel, there is the chance of participating in e-learning programs: Map The Gap (2 weeks) and Personal Coach Program (8 weeks).

If you are interested in any of these, please send an email to and ask for further information. You can also use the Contact Form below.

Special Events:

To come.

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Ask any Question:

Ask any question by using the Contact Form below.  Or simply send an email to

Good luck.

January 27, 2016.
© Knut Skjærven


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