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    The Royal Arrival

    HRH Crown Prince Frederik and his family arriving at Holmens Kirke for the funeral ceremony for his father, HRH Prince Henrik. Photograph taken in Copenhagen, February 20, 2018. © Knut Skjærven. All rights reserved. #holmenskirke #kronprinsfrederik #prinshenrik #copenhagen #copenhagenfuneral #knutskjærven #knutskjaerven #prinshenrikofdenmark #crownprince #crownprincefrederik

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    Honouring Henri, HRH Prince of Denmark

      ‘Honouring Henri’ got a new meaning today. I drove from Copenhagen to Fredensborg where, HRH Danish Prince Henrik, formerly Henri, died at Fredensborg Pallace shortly after 11.00 pm yesterday. He was 83. He married the Danish Crown Princess Margrethe in 1967. The future queen. Prince Henrik came from France. He was born in 1934 as Henri Marie […]

The Interview: In The Beginning

The Henri: Tell me, Knut, how did you come to take an interest in street photography? Knut Skjærven: Well, I can answer that pretty precisely. We are back in 2010. It all started then. In june 2010 I had arranged the third Street Meet in Berlin. I did that as a member of The Contax […]

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  • Kempinski Session: No Names Will Be Given.

    We have to thank The Henri for this.  A few years back he initiated the Kempinski Sessions for street photography, art, science and now and again politics. All participants in these sessions have a positive record in street photography. In their way they are all outstanding. It is where clever words are spoken that could […]

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  • Prelude to The Interview

    It is not every day I run into The Henri but here he is. Mostly he shuns cameras. This is shot in Copenhagen some years back. He was not aware that I tracked him down and followed him around for about an hour. We spoke and had a cup of coffee at a nearby café […]

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  • The Interview: Intro to Dialogue One.

    As announced not long ago there will be an interview around New Street Agenda. The interview will come as a series of dialogues that will appear during 2016. The series is simply called The Interview and will be tagged and categorised as such. The interviewer is The Henri, a long time friend of Barebones Communication […]

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