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    The Royal Arrival

    HRH Crown Prince Frederik and his family arriving at Holmens Kirke for the funeral ceremony for his father, HRH Prince Henrik. Photograph taken in Copenhagen, February 20, 2018. © Knut Skjærven. All rights reserved. #holmenskirke #kronprinsfrederik #prinshenrik #copenhagen #copenhagenfuneral #knutskjærven #knutskjaerven #prinshenrikofdenmark #crownprince #crownprincefrederik

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    Honouring Henri, HRH Prince of Denmark

      ‘Honouring Henri’ got a new meaning today. I drove from Copenhagen to Fredensborg where, HRH Danish Prince Henrik, formerly Henri, died at Fredensborg Pallace shortly after 11.00 pm yesterday. He was 83. He married the Danish Crown Princess Margrethe in 1967. The future queen. Prince Henrik came from France. He was born in 1934 as Henri Marie […]

The Four Ways of Photography / On the Go

    Before you consider the many different types of photography you may want to consider the four ways of photography. These are: 1) photographs where you stress the quality of your equipment; 2) photographs where you stress the quality of your vision; 3) photographs where you acknowledge the interplay of both; and 4) photographs where […]

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  • Photography and Non-Photography / On the Go

    THE TWO WAYS OF PHOTOGRAPHY. There are two ways of photography. There is photography and then there is non-photography. Let me explain. The word photography is a combination of the two Greek words phos and graphe. The word phos is often translated as light. The word graphe means drawing or writing. Together the term photography […]

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  • Street Photography As An Ontological Fact

    You may have noticed that this site has reclaimed its original name: On Street Photography and Other Life Changing Events. It is still all about establishing a New Street Agenda but the ambition has to be personal, I admit. For the very simple reason that in a field of social engagement, pure objectivity is not […]

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  • On the Go: It Is Natural Enough / Goethe.

      “It is natural enough that people should imagine they can still do what they were once able to do; that others imagine themselves capable of doing what they never could do is perhaps strange but not infrequent.” Goethe. © Knut Skjærven Copenhagen, January 18, 2016. #onthego #newstreetagenda #knutskjærven #knutskjaerven #oneverystreet #leicastreetphotography  #streetphotograph #diffusion #selfportrait  

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  • On the Go: The Plan for 2016.

    Now is the time to move ahead. On The Go: Workbook for New Street Agenda, was published in 2014. Now is the time to continue the project. So far the virtual book contains 177 pages with photographs and texts. More photographs than texts, so far. That will change in 2016. The idea is to review […]

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  • On the Go: The Age of Average

    The age of average. Nothing wrong with average. We are all averages much of the time. Nothing more is demanded. In this photograph there are many averaged but hopefully also a few who don’t settle for average in all matters of life.  Could be in photography. Could be even in street photography. What I know […]

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  • On the Go: Point of View.

    This is the first of the new photographs going into On The Go: Workbook for New Street Agenda. The renewal and expansion was introduced in a post yesterday. The renewal will continue for several months. Posts will be categorised On the Go. By opening that link you will find all posts that are intended for or […]

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