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    The Royal Arrival

    HRH Crown Prince Frederik and his family arriving at Holmens Kirke for the funeral ceremony for his father, HRH Prince Henrik. Photograph taken in Copenhagen, February 20, 2018. © Knut Skjærven. All rights reserved. #holmenskirke #kronprinsfrederik #prinshenrik #copenhagen #copenhagenfuneral #knutskjærven #knutskjaerven #prinshenrikofdenmark #crownprince #crownprincefrederik

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    Honouring Henri, HRH Prince of Denmark

      ‘Honouring Henri’ got a new meaning today. I drove from Copenhagen to Fredensborg where, HRH Danish Prince Henrik, formerly Henri, died at Fredensborg Pallace shortly after 11.00 pm yesterday. He was 83. He married the Danish Crown Princess Margrethe in 1967. The future queen. Prince Henrik came from France. He was born in 1934 as Henri Marie […]

Far From Being a Mechanical Recording / Intersections

“Far from being a mechanical recording of sensory elements, vision proved to be a truly creative apprehension of reality – imaginative, inventive, shrewd, and beautiful. It became apparent that the qualities that dignify the thinker and the artist distinguish all performances of the mind. Psychologist also began to see that this fact was no coincidence: […]

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  • What is Given is a Route / Intersection

    “The idea of going straight to the essence of things is an inconsistent idea if one thinks of it. What is given is a route, an experience which gradually clarifies itself, which gradually rectifies itself and proceeds by dialogue with itself and with others. Thus what we tear away from the dispersion of instants is […]

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  • Introducing Street Intersections

    We all know what a street intersection is.  It is two or more streets meeting or crossing each other. In New Street Agenda street photography has its own intersections. It is when two or more influences meet or cross each other and stimulate to novel experiences. Street Intersections, as a theoretical and practical activity, is a […]

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