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    The Royal Arrival

    HRH Crown Prince Frederik and his family arriving at Holmens Kirke for the funeral ceremony for his father, HRH Prince Henrik. Photograph taken in Copenhagen, February 20, 2018. © Knut Skjærven. All rights reserved. #holmenskirke #kronprinsfrederik #prinshenrik #copenhagen #copenhagenfuneral #knutskjærven #knutskjaerven #prinshenrikofdenmark #crownprince #crownprincefrederik

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    Honouring Henri, HRH Prince of Denmark

      ‘Honouring Henri’ got a new meaning today. I drove from Copenhagen to Fredensborg where, HRH Danish Prince Henrik, formerly Henri, died at Fredensborg Pallace shortly after 11.00 pm yesterday. He was 83. He married the Danish Crown Princess Margrethe in 1967. The future queen. Prince Henrik came from France. He was born in 1934 as Henri Marie […]

Look What I Found Today.

Look what I found today. Actually, I found it yesterday but had I written these words before midnight the headline would have been precise. In stead I took an early night. I found it at a book sale in Copenhagen mitte. In an old church half of which is used for non- religious affairs like […]

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  • The Image and The Eye

    The other day I discovered that E.H. Gombrich has made a series of books to modify and accompany his important Art and Illusion. A study in the psychology of pictorial representation. Actually, he has made 6 such books. All published by Phaidon Press. Yes, it is the same guy who wrote The Story of Art, as I am […]

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  • The Decisive Moment. What Is It?

    If there is one phrase within street photography that tops all others, it is the phrase The Decisive Moment. But what is the decisive moment exactly? And who came up with the idea that there is such a moment in photography? One thing seems clear: The phrase The Decisive Moment did not originate with Henri […]

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  • The Decisive Moment Has Arrived

    It is here. The Decisive Moment arrived from Steidl in Göttingen in Germany about half an hour ago. Beautiful facsimile after more than 60 years of absence. The most talked about photo book in history. A game changer. It arrived the same day as we got our Christmas Tree. I see the serendipic combination. Call it […]

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