Seven Points On December / The Academy

Seven Points On December / The Academy

Simple Shooting © Knut Skjærven.

A few words on December.

1. Denotation and connotation comes together in all photographs. There is never one without the other.

2. Connotations can be stronger and it can be weaker. If they are good they jump at you.

3. HCB suggested that there is a right angle to every shot. One that should not be avoided. You need to grasp that angle.

4. Is this easy? No it is not but it is the ability to do so that separates street photography as art from random and indiscriminate captures on the streets.

5. HCB also suggested that things get better after 10.000 trials. That takes 10 years of dedicated training. After that he was no longer a dilletante (his words).

6. How to get there? Hard to say. I would suggest that starting simple could eventually bring you there.

7. If you are lucky.

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