What Makes New Street Agenda Different?

What Makes New Street Agenda Different?

Reflections After a Haircut © Knut Skjærven

If I should describe what New Street Agenda is all about and do it a few statements how would that look?

It that possible at all?

Could such statements also bridge the gap between New Street Agenda, which is the name of the idea, and the site title On Street Photography and Other Life-Changing Events, which is the what’s-in-it for-me statement. The personal touch.

Let me try and let me also try to do this within the Seven Up scheme earlier introduced on these pages. Plus one extra that makes it Eight Ups.

Here we go:

1. Street photography is a worldly activity that partly can be understood and explained as such.

2. As a sector of worldly activities street photography belongs to the area of visual communication and can partly be understood and explained as such.

3. Street photography is a subsection of visual communication and as has its own set of rules and reality.

4. Street photography is in this context to be understood as a type of photography where human beings are the bearing element; where the preferred style is straight photography; where the social and public settings are the prime subject matter; where staging of scenes or posing of people for the camera does not belong to its area; and where a storytelling element is imperative.

5. Street photography is never neutral as there is no point zero from where the world can be seen and reflected upon and captured without personal and cultural based precondition are active and important.

6. Every single photograph reflects back on the photographer. Part of a personal story is always explicitly and implicitly present. 

7. Every single photograph shows at once what is there and what is not there. This transcendence belongs to New Street Agenda photography as it belong to all other worldly activity. 

8. The extra pin (8): Street photograph can be made with talent and knowledge and experience or the three in combination. Left brain activity is as important as right brain activity.  

What makes New Street Agenda different from all other approaches, or non-approaches, to street photography is that in New Street Agenda we are aware of these fundamentals and are able to unfold them and act on them. 

Good day to you all :-).

© Knut Skjærven. 

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Knut Skjærven is a Norwegian photographer, writer and researcher working out of Copenhagen, Denmark.

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