The Academy: November Challenge: Reasons Why.

The Academy: November Challenge: Reasons Why.

Selfie © Knut Sklærven

The reason that I suggest that you get this right is that Figure/Ground is one of the basics in the visual language. You have to be able to separate Figure from Ground and vice versa when you are out shooting.
When you train and learn this you need not think much about it after a short periode of time. These situations, which are all over, will approach you instead of you looking them up. It is like a mindscan that detects situations you perhaps did not know were there.
It has to do with establishing an entrance in you photograph and let things unfold from there. You need to be in control before you can let loose. Recognising Figure from Ground is not the end. It if the beginning.

Also: When you are able to instantly separate Figure from Ground in real world, you will also be able to set it aside. 

Whenever you learn a principle you get double information: First the principle and then the non-principle. When you as a photographer are at ease with Figure/Ground you will also be given the chance not to look for it, not to use it.

By the way, let me advertise The Workshop that is scheduled May 11 – 13, 2018. In Berlin. You may want to join there. Some of you definitely should. This year it will be about Factor Street Photography which sits on top of Figure/Ground. 

Stay tuned to this site and you will get the draft program really soon. In the meantime you could go here.

Yes, it is me in the photograph. It’s a selfie. I placed the camera on timer, 12 seconds, and rushed back to the sofa. I am glad I took this photograph. Today this café is gone and so it the writing on the wall. On the front of the newspaper I have the autograph of Will McBride but you can’t read that. It was October 2014. He died a few month later.

Why do I show that photograph? Because it in an good example of how you could respond to the November challenge. Got you :-). 

That is another story. If you want to join The Academy. You need to become a member of the dedicated Facebook Group that is our workspace for The Academy 2017/1018. Each month there will be a new briefing. Here is the November Briefing. You can still make it.

Good day to all of you. Good weekend.

© Knut Skjærven.
Copenhagen, November 17, 2017.

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