Welcome to Today: On the Edge of Things

Welcome to Today: On the Edge of Things

Beach Man © Knut Skjærven.

Welcome to today.

Not any other day but the day that will see the first new interviews in the continued series: On the Edge.

In a few minutes you will be greeted by interviews with Federico Gentili and shortly after that with Frieder Zimmermann. Federico from Italy. Frieder from Germany.

I have known both for many years. Frieder takes the record since we were both enthusiastic members of The Contax G Pages back in the beginning of the millenium. Federico made this interview. I am thankful to both.

Today starts a new phase in On the Edge. If you have seen the 22 interviews that were posted last week on this site, those interviews dates back to 2013 and 2014. They were reposts from a site that is now gone.

Today we start again.

This time properly on the edge of things: Federico does not see himself primarily as a street photographer. As you will recognise when you read the interview with him. He is more into nature and architecture. His website is a marvel and an inspiration to every lover of photography. He is an eminent visualizer.

Frieder, coming from north of the woods, has a soft mystery to many of his photographs. He is definitely more into street photography than Federico. But not only. He is a great, great storyteller.

What they have in common is that they are both dead series about their photography. And that rubs off.

Be aware that link to their websites are placed at the end of each interview. You need to see their sites.

If you want to see and read all interviews On the Edge series go for category On the Edge. 

I was wondering of how to illustrate this post. With the permission of our curator The Henri, of course. How else could I illustrate this post than with a photograph taken in Italy, Spotorno, with e German camera brand, Contax G.

Good luck with On the Edge.

Best regards
The Henri 
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Europe, November 10, 2017.

On the Edge: Federico Gentili; On the Edge: Frieder Zimmermann.

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