The Academy 2016 / February Challenge: Your Own Visual Story.

The Academy 2016 / February Challenge: Your Own Visual Story.

The Stranger © Knut Skjærven

January Challenge was supposed to be easy: Pick a Figure and keep a neutral and supportive Ground. Capture and post up to 3 photographs during January to The Academy work site on Facebook.

This turned out to be more difficult than anyone could have imagined. Maybe it was the challenge description that was cryptic. Or maybe visual intelligence simply is out of the way for most folks. I don’t know even if my suspicion is rather clear.

January was and still is a learning lesson to us all.

February challenge, the second last this season, will be different but building on some of the principles from former challenges. 

You should once more capture a single human as your Figure. In stead of working with a neutral ground you are asked to capture another Figure in the same shot. The second Figure does not have to be a single. It can even be a small group but it is a good idea to keep things simple.

Here comes the tricky part: You need establish a visual dialog between the two Figures in your shot. Like in the demo capture that goes with the briefing. The two people are utterly separated in reality but I, the photographer, connected them by having them in the same frame. The lady resting and the man walking. There is this strange and mysterious connection between them. He turning his head slightly and she perfectly at ease.

It is important for the solutions to the February Challenges that it is you who do the hard work. As a proper creative photographer. You need to bring together elements that are already there but would never have been seen if it were not for you. 

In February you need to connect what is not already connected. Such a new combination takes you to the core or creativity, by the way. Make your own visual combination. Make your own visual story.

 Remember that Occam will be all over you. If you have forgotten about Occam, and how to use him in street photography, go read about it once more.

Find this difficult? It is difficult. The main point is that you need start looking for these things. It definitely will take your street photography to a second level.

Simple shooting please. To make your message stand out.

You can post up to 3 images during February. This somewhat restricted mission is to make sure that your admin don’t overwork. Don’t post randomly and ask for comments because you will not get any.

Make sure that you are active on the site and comment on what others post. Remember, if you post interesting and relevant pictures you are more likely to get comments.

All pictures posted have to be shot between February 1 and January last, 2017. Don’t post old stuff. It is part of the challenge that you take and post fresh only stuff.

Good luck with February. See you there.

 Copenhagen, January 26, 2016.

© Knut Skjærven. All rights reserved.

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