Brief Status. What Will Come in 2017?

Brief Status. What Will Come in 2017?

The Kid © Knut Skjærven

Time for a few words on 2016. Reflecting on what will come in 2017.

In The Beginning

On Street Photography (2014) is so far the end result of a project startet in 2007 with the blog Barebones Communication (2007).

Barebones Communication (2007) did not deal with photography in particular. It dealt with visual communication at large. As I wanted to liven the posts up I started posting a photographs with each submission. All of them examples from street photography. I found that it was a good opportunity to reengage in an old interest in photography. And so I did.

In 2010 I opened two more sites; Berlin Black and White (2010) and Phenomenology and Photography (2010). The Europeans  (2012) is still running a live and well. So is Street Photographer’s Toolbox (2012).

I had even more sites. One of them was the first version of On Street Photography and Other Life Changing Events (2012). This was like all the others a wordpress hosted sites. Meaning my influence on layout and functions was rather restricted.

In 2014 the many different sites were brought together in the present version of On Street Photography and Other Life Changing Events (2014). This is the only sites I run actively today but in terms of visitors the other sites are alive and kicking.

Social Sites 

In the same period I started On Every Street (2011) and Leica Street Photography (2012) on Facebook. These two social groups are still running but are only passively maintained. Meaning that no new initiatives are taken. This is reflected on the activities in both groups. 

Street Meets, Workshops, The Academy

The first street meet was held in 2008 and have continued every year since then. Workshops were added in 2012. Is is the ambition to continue with both. Supported annually by New Street Agenda: The Academy that will run over 6 month each year: October to March. 

On the go: Workshop for New Street Agenda will see an update in 2017. The private coach programs on visual communication and street photography will continue. Ask for more information.

The Europeans at Flickr

As part of the ungoing project The Europeans there are 49 communities active on flickr. None for these groups are pushed and the number of photographs posted are not overwhelming apart from in a few groups. I don’t use flickr actively but you are welcome to have a look here.


Newdesk has been pretty busy in 2016. The have been good articles that promotes the activities around New Street Agenda. 

On the Edge: Conversations with Tony Cearns, Leica Camera Blog, December 22, 2016; Pull or Push Photography, Leica Camera Blog, November 28, 2016; Decisive Moments in Street  Photography, Leica Camera Blog, August 20, 2016; Have You Got The Brain for Street Photography?, PetaPixel, August 23, 2016; In Conversation with Knut Skjærven interview by Tony Cearns in My Street. The aesthetics of street photography, July 6, 2016; Knut Skjærven Street Photographer – Simplicity and Complicity, article by Federico Gentili, Italy, March 16, 2016.

The Road Ahead

How will this continue in 2017?

There will be an overall movement from fast to feature. Not so many single and relative spread activities but fewer, larger projects including street photography or photography at large. The text part will become more important. 

I have plans for a few, a bit larger projects, but they will go more like features and include both text and photographs.

I am not saying that I have lost interest in street photography but it is limited to when I go travel or have a somewhat broader context than blind posting of photographs to social media.

You might even see different types of photography like portraits, which is a rather new genre for me.

Ask Any Question

If you have questions to any of this please use the Contact Form below or write directly to knut(@) Have a good day :-).

Copenhagen, January 24, 2017.
© Knut Skjærven 

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