Photography and Non-Photography / On the Go

Photography and Non-Photography / On the Go

The Umbrella © Knut Skjærven


There are two ways of photography.

There is photography and then there is non-photography. Let me explain.

The word photography is a combination of the two Greek words phos and graphe. The word phos is often translated as light. The word graphe means drawing or writing.

Together the term photography means drawing with light. That is the way we understand it.

Drawing indicates that there is someone drawing, something drawn and something to draw with. There is a photographer, a photograph and a camera. The camera is the tool of photography.

Photography, as it is understood here, cannot be made without human presence ?

It is rightly assumed that the photographer is a human being. It is a human being who draws the picture that are the end result of photography.

When looking at a photograph you need to look for the mark of the photographer. If such a mark does not exist it is not something drawn by someone and thus it is not a photograph.

Photographs without human marks are non-photograph.

Those are the two ways of photography: photography and non-photography.

© Knut Skjærven
Copenhagen, January 17, 2017.

This post is written for the 2017 update of One The Go. Workbook for New Street Agenda. The book consists of short texts and pictures. Posts prepared for the update are tagged #onthego, and #onthegoworkbookfornewstreetagenda.

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