Autobiography of Intercultural Encounters: Lea.

Autobiography of Intercultural Encounters: Lea.

Lea Langenfelder © Knut Skjærven.

Lea © Knut Skjærven.

You may remember Council of Europe and the project Autobiography of Intercultural Encounters? The huge project that introduces methods for successful intercultural encounters, and that in time will cover 820 million people in 47 European countries?  Give or take.

Don’t be ashamed if you have never heard of Council of Europe. Neither had I a few years back. Investigating their site was somewhat of an eyeopener to me. I am sure it will be for you too. Start reading their Presentation and take it from there. You will be impressed.

Starting today and continuing in 2015, I will give you a chance to remember. The English version of Autobiography of Intercultural Encounters has run successfully since April 2014. Now the French version is soon due and I have decided to bring in 47 new pictures over the next months.

They will all be shown on this site accompanied with a short text about each picture.

This, then, is Lea. Shot in Berlin in October 2014 while I had coffee at my favourite coffeeshop flanking my favourite bookshop not far from Bahnhof Zoo. Lea, was working in the bookshop and I was asking for books.

I have the full name and email address of Lea, who has given me permission to post this photo and possible be a part of Autobiography of Intercultural Encounters in 2015.

Now you know.

© Knut Skjærven. All rights reserved.

Read more about the project on this site or on The Leica Camera Blog.

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